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Travel Destination Ukraine is a comprehensive company that offers various destinations of travel in Ukraine. Multiple destinations around the country are known for being off the beaten paths and the Adventures they offer thrill seekers. We can satisfy any sophisticated requests whether it would be Chornobyl tours or Shooting Range tour or even Tank Driving! All thisese are possible thanks to our team of professional managers, guides, and years of active experience in inbound tourism and hospitality. We developed unique routes for our Pripyat tours – the ghost town in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, our gun range in Kyiv has more than 50 types of guns and rifles to choose from, hospitable yet professional and dsiciplined instructors are always ready to help and teach you how to hold the gun, how to aim and how to shoot; we have six army vehicles for the Tank tours including an authentic T-34, demilitarized and fully in service! You`ll get unique opportunity to personally drive this steel Warhorse yourself and even crash an old car with a tank on request. We offer this experience exclusively, currently being the only company in Ukraine capable of organizing such an event. For admirers of aviation and the deep blue skies we have a large fleet of different aircrafts to fly and pilot. From a small Cessna172 aircraft to a tiny stunt airplane Yak52 with just you and the instructor inside, to private jets like Gulfstream G200 and a few different helicopter models. We know the value of time very well, that`s exactly why we offer private jet transportation services within Ukraine available at any time. It`s like a sky-taxi – no queues, no tickets, no passport control. You`ll just get in at a small private airport 15 minutes away from the city center in Kyiv and in 1 hour you`ll be chilling with a Pina Colada at the beach in Odesa, enjoying the gentle Black Sea breeze. Apart from doing all these military and extreme adventures we offer hiking, retreats and recreational tours to Carpathian Mountains – spiritual and cultural center of Ukraine. Visiting the most spectacular places like the Hoverla Mountain and the Synevir lake is a must experience if you are keen for nature, peak conquering, solitude and impossibly clean air! When traveling around Ukraine with us you will never get bored with routine sightseeing promenades. There`re always places for a blast of an entertaining experience just around the corner!