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We are “Travel Destination Ukraine” - a licensed Ukrainian inbound Tour Operator. We are honored to offer full-stack Destination Management Services with all-inclusive package tours, as well as individual activities.
Alongside Tours and Events organisation our capabilities include Visa Support, Transfers, Accommodations, Catering Planning and Guidance with Individual Approach.
We proudly promote Ukraine as a desirable destination with unique possibilities for Tourism Explorations, Business Development and Leisure for any taste and demand.
As a company we are experienced and successful. As specialists we are young, energetic and passionate. As individuals we are friendly, open-minded and willing to be helpful.


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Here’s some information about us

"Travel Destination Ukraine" is your best choice among Ukrainian Destination Management Companies that comfortably combines all tourism industries in one place. Based on previous years of experience we created an improved, sustainable and adapted ground for all traveler needs - Adventure Tourism, Cultural Tourism and MICE Tourism. Each branch is lead by a separate department of carefully selected professionals brought together and aimed at fulfilling all your wishes and preferences. Our company philosophy implies innovative technologies in tourism business, exceptional service provision and individual approach to every client with attention to smallest details. "Travel Destination Ukraine" is multifunctional and flexible, aimed at planning and organizing your visits to Ukraine in the best possible manner! We`re full-stack. Our capabilities cover everything you may need: visa support, transfers, accommodations, guidance, nutrition planning, tours and events organization. Alongside aforementioned our capabilities include IT development, digital promotion and video production. For your convenience we outlined three main service categories:

ADVENTURES Extreme and military tourism is a relatively new area of travel industry rapidly growing in Ukraine. We masterfully occupy the leading positions in this field. Drive a tank, shoot firearms, pilot on airplane or fly on a helicopter, take a trip to Chornobyl – all this and more is ready for you! CULTURE Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe and also its geographical center. Our country has centuries of history behind. From Carpathian Mountains in the West to Donbass plains in the East, from Polissya in the North to the Black sea in the South - Ukraine has myriads or treasures and countless attractions. Our multiday tour packages throughout Ukraine unfold all its charming beauty. MICE No need to stress over corporate events organization. Trust the professionals! We will organize any event on turn-key basis and in the best way. Whether it`s an exhibition, conference, congress or business meeting we will find the best terms for any budget! You`re more than welcome to browse our website and learn more about the tours we offer. And of course - we welcome you to plan your visit to Ukraine and enjoy the wonders of our unique country.

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Hi! My name is Sergey Sevydov and I love Ukraine. My country is friendly and beautiful, but most importantly I’ve come to understand long ago that it offers endless possibilities. For business and entertainment, for knowledge and leisure, for Life and Development.

Our company goal is to offer all the best there is in Ukraine to our guests. And our experience speaks for us with the previously established project “Adventure Tours in Ukraine” that specializes in outdoor, active, historical and military-tour entertainments.

“Travel Destination Ukraine” is the youngest and most promising project I have started yet. It’s also the most complex and universal, offering all-inclusive packages exquisitely for inbound tourism. Our Mission is to Promote Ukraine As A Desirable Tourism Destination, so, indeed, this company works only inbound.

With the knowledge, experience and resources gained over the years in Ukrainian inbound tourism we are now building something very special, very important and, for the most, something to popularize Ukraine all over the world. “Travel Destination Ukraine” is based on mutuality, professionalism and individual approach. And we always value those who share our philosophy.

Welcome to Ukraine, friend!

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